Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm Systems

Your business has an obligation to protect you, your staff and it customers from the dangers of fire….

Fire detection systems are used to protect people and property. Automatic fire detection systems can be used to provide warnings at the first sign of fire, which can aid a safe, quick evacuation and minimise the damage to the property.

1 in 4 businesses NEVER recover from fire damage

MBM Installations Ltd can design, supply, install, commission and maintain fire detection systems to BS 5839 – the British Standards for fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings. We supply, install and maintain a wide range of fire detection equipment from leading manufacturers including Hochiki, Advanced Electronics, Morley, EMS, Haes Systems, Nittan and Apollo.

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

Conventional fire detection systems are the most basic type of system and are best suited to smaller buildings. Through the use of automatic detection and manual call points, these systems can inform the user of a fire within a zonal area.

Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Analogue addressable systems are fully programmable systems and offer much more control and flexibility than conventional systems.
Using complex protocols, these systems can provide the exact location of a fire. These systems can be used in both small and larger buildings and most have the capability to be networked together. MBM Installations Ltd always recommends open protocol systems.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Wireless systems have the same benefits as the analogue addressable systems but without the wires. These systems are very useful in buildings where it would be costly or impossible to install cables, such as premises with asbestos or decorative/listed buildings.

Wireless systems offer the following benefits:

  • Greatly reduced installation time over a wired system
  • No redecoration
  • No unsightly cabling or trunking
  • Easily expandable

If installed incorrectly, wireless systems can prove problematic. Therefore, it is essential that these systems are designed, installed and commissioned by engineers who are competent with wireless systems. Once installed correctly, wireless systems can provide years of trouble-free operation.

MBM Installations Ltd have many years of experience installing and maintaining wireless systems and this experience has taught us that unlike the traditional ‘wired’ systems, wireless systems do require additional maintenance to ensure a continued fault free system.

Aspirating Fire Alarm Systems

Aspirating systems, also known as VESDA systems, are highly sensitive systems used where a rapid detection of smoke is required, such as clean rooms and computer server rooms.

These systems sample air drawn into a detection chamber through a network of small pipes. The detection chamber uses light scattering to detect the presence of smoke particles suspended in the air. Aspirating systems are highly sensitive and can detect the presence of smoke before it is even visible to the human eye.

BS:5839:2002. Fire Detection Compliant Systems

This type of fire detection requires an independent system that offers a very high level of detection and warning as it meets the strict requirements of BS5839. MBM install these fully maintained systems in premises where insurance assessors, fire officers, district surveyors or architects stipulate BS:5839:2002 fire detection

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