Disabled Refuge

Disabled Refuge and Emergency Voice Communication Systems

It is now a legal requirement that all new non-domestic buildings, which have more that one storey, must provide a safe ‘refuge’ area for disabled people who are unable to exit a building using the dedicated escape routes. Emergency Voice Communication Systems must be installed to allow two-way communication between the fire service/building management and the people in the refuge area to aid a safe evacuation.

Emergency Voice Communication Systems can be:

  • Fire Telephone System
  • Disabled Refuge System
  • Emergency/Steward Telephone System
  • Why are they needed?
  • To communicate with people in refuge areas
  • To communicate and provide instruction to all occupants of a building during an emergency situation
  • To communicate with all emergency personnel to aid fire fighting and to ensure a controlled evacuation
  • To comply with current building regulations

MBM Installations Ltd can supply, install, commission and maintain fixed, secure, bi-directional, full duplex voice communication systems to assist fire fighters in an emergency, especially on sites where radio communication may be restricted. Our systems cover the operation of both fire telephones and disabled refuge systems and comply with BS5839-9:2003.

Building or another fire compartment or by evacuation lift. If these are not available or not in operation, then it might be necessary to carry a person with limited mobility up or down the escape stair. Means of escape for disabled people may comprise a combination of structural provisions (e.g. lifts, refuge areas and ramps. The use of refuges within a building can be of great advantage in the evacuation of disabled people as it enables their escape to be managed in a way that does not hinder that of other users of the building.

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